From Job Search to Entrepreneur

In this series, I wanted to write down my journey from a desperate MBA looking for a job, to a desperate entrepreneur seeking MRR. Maybe I can inspire some readers to embrace the journey but also give my opinion, share my highs and lows and write the story behind Mockmate, the AI job interview simulator.

Pandemic Crisis — Internship fell flat

After my exciting internship at Google, and my successful organisation of the Dublin Trek. I was fairly confident I’d find a job easily in a tech company. Never I had been so wrong.
I had a few interviews with Google, LinkedIn and Amazon, but nothing was…

PM is really the Moby Dick for MBA people wanting to join a large tech company. Unfortunately, without an engineering background and an extremely good network, it’s rather impossible to get into, even with the best MBA.
I had the amazing opportunity to do my summer internship at Google, and it was clear to me that it would be extremely hard to get into product management. My ambitions to join Google, were to join the sales team, specifically selling Workspace (The productivity suite to large companies), which I absolutely support and defend. …


During my job search, I found a few tools that were interesting to accelerate the job search process, help you find people or exercise your interview skills and STAR stories. I wanted to give you a list of them, hopefully they will be as helpful for you than they were for me.



I graduated from my MBA in really strange circumstances. Classes had been moved online for 2 months and our graduation speech happened on Zoom. Saying it’s was an anti-climatic end to those 2 years is a euphemism. Lots of people went home and I didn’t get to say goodbye to most of my classmates.
Some of us did get an offer before the crises, others, like yours truly, have not found a job yet. I wanted to write a post on my job search process, maybe it can help some of you deal with stress but also find a job.

Job Portals and Job Boards


I had the incredible chance to do my summer internship at Google over the summer. If you’re interested in my interview process you can read this post. I worked in the Cloud department and focused on delivering content for helping clients understand digital transformation and the amazing possibilities Google offers for large enterprise clients.

Here are few takeaways I wanted to write from my internship at Google. from managerial practices, to structured chaos and keeping employees committed to a common goal. Finally, I wanted to extensively explain all the amazing perks I was lucky to have tried out. Most of…

Introducing my very own chatbot that can answer any type of interview questions. It’s still pretty stupid but I’m pretty proud given the effort I put in it. Please start a conversation with me!


Aren’t all interviews scripted? The interviewer knows the questions she’s going to ask in advance and you kind of prepared statements about 10–12 topics that are usually asked during job interviews. Is it that farfetched to think that a chatbot could actually replace me during a job interview?


The quickest way to do a chatbot is to use Dialogflow. It’s kind of a SAAS by…

This is hopefully the first post of a long series. I was brought to think about different non-ethical strategies when writing the nasty consultant stories. Now I’d like to put myself in the shoes of deceitful founders and provide instructions on how to start criminal ventures and getting away with it. The first post is about Ponzi! Let’s go!

A Charismatic Leader

First of all, your company needs a leader. Duh. Every great venture needs one. But what you are about to start is a bit special. You are about to spread lies and scam people, yet get people to trust you. You…


Finding an internship was definitely not easy and rather stressful. It’s the main objective for everyone in the first year. It seems that European companies are less attracted by MBA internship programs than their U.S. counterparts.
I had a focus on Tech, which makes the application a bit more difficult because the recruiting starts much later (February — March). While consultants and bankers usually figure out their internship plans around January-February, you only start applying in Feb and most of us secure an internship in late April-early May.


IESE has a portal where the careers services post all kind of…

Everyone these days is writing and reading startup-postmortems. But what about the stolen-startup idea?

Entrepreneurs and media praise the motto “an idea is nothing, execution is key” (or other variations). I definitely agree, tons of people had the same idea as Uber, AirBnb and even Facebook before Zuck, Kalanick, and Chesky turned them into billion dollar conglomerates. They’re the ones with the perfect execution plan, they’re the ones that “made it”.

Now in Bangkok, far from the Silicon Valley paradigm I wanted to tell you a story about intellectual property, funding, execution, and more important, the value of an idea.

The Problem

Getting a summer internship is not easy. When I decided to go on the tech trek in London (Nov 2018), I knew I had to do something to separate me from the rest. Especially since we were going to visit all my dream job companies (Google, Uber, Facebook, among others).

At the career fair in October, it was extremely difficult to have meaningful conversations with recruiters or employees. You only have a 20-second span to make an impression and the dress code is very formal so we all look alike. We basically all ask the same questions and the people…


Waïna Landauro is driven to work for good, using technology through business. IESE MBA class of 2020, Google internship summer 2019, & startup adviser for ASICS

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