I trained a chatbot to take job interviews for me


Aren’t all interviews scripted? The interviewer knows the questions she’s going to ask in advance and you kind of prepared statements about 10–12 topics that are usually asked during job interviews. Is it that farfetched to think that a chatbot could actually replace me during a job interview?


The quickest way to do a chatbot is to use Dialogflow. It’s kind of a SAAS by Google allowing you to program your own bot. It has integrations with Slack, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Skype, etc… so you can deploy it immediately and super fast. It’s quite easy to grasp (no programming skills needed).


It was pretty cool to create a chatbot. But it’s limitations are clear. A chatbot is pretty stupid. Unless I spend months on it, it’s unlikely that I would trust it during a job interview. I haven’t tried out all the features of DialogFlow, but I would say it’s not allowing automation that much. It’s a quick awesome tool if you need a FAQ chatbot, I don’t think it’s ideal to create MVPs.

Waïna Landauro is driven to work for good, using technology through business. IESE MBA class of 2020, Google internship summer 2019, & startup adviser for ASICS

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